Everybody has a Story


We are on a mission to teach and inspire the next generation of filmmakers

Become a Filmmaker

Respectful Environment

Educating the Next Generation of  Filmmakers

We want to change the narrative of an industry where secrets are often guarded. We understand that talent and opportunity aren’t evenly dispersed.


We’ve exposed many individuals to the world of cinematography. Whether it’s money, lack of knowledge, or fear holding you back, we’re here to show you that your dreams are achievable.


At InnerHub Productions, we use a “no one gets left behind” approach to encourage fellow students to help one another. We believe everyone has to start somewhere but you don’t have to start alone.




Join us for InnerHub Productions Film Academy's spring workshop, “An Introduction to Cinematography & Storytelling.”


Students will learn how to tell compelling stories through film. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Learn how to operate equipment and the business side of the media industry

Use the hands-on training you’ve learned to create a visual story

Combine all your new skills to share your story


The Founders





Bola Adebisi was born and raised in northern Nigeria. From a young age, he’s been adventurous and enjoys connecting with others. His admiration for communication led him to pursue filmmaking.


He attended the School of Digital Filmmaking at the University of Nations (Uof N)YWAM, Switzerland.

Bola later studied Graphic Design & Motion Graphics at the U of N Germany.

He met his wife, Aimee in Cape Town, South Africa where they were both students.

Aimee was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania, where she and Bola currently reside with their two daughters and son.


She attended the School of (Video Production) Digital Filmmaking at the U of N YWAM, Cape Town, South Africa.

Growing up in Nigeria, Bola knows first-hand how difficult it is to get their hands on film equipment. Many individuals lack the proper tools and knowledge to pursue their dreams. As filmmakers, he and Aimee know the crucial role equipment and training play in cinematography. There isn’t always opportunity where talent is present.


With over 18 years of experience in the media, Bola and Aimee provide youth with the tools and training they need to become a filmmaker. Everyone has a story and we want to empower the next generation of filmmakers to share theirs.

InnerHub Productions is a video production company based in York, Pennsylvania that  focuses on visual storytelling. It was created by Bola Adebisi and his wife, Aimee in 2000. The organization has a film academy that travels globally and teaches workshops in various countries.


The organization began teaching workshops in Africa, encouraging students to tell the African story. As InnerHub Productions has evolved, the mission has shifted.


They are expanding their workshops to other countries in order to educate a more diverse group of students. They want to encourage the next generation of filmmakers to share their story with the world.

Our Mission

Who We Are and What We Do

Training and Application

We love telling stories through visuals. Everyone has a story. Cinematography is about capturing life and no one knows your story better than you. We provide you with the tools and training to share it.


We travel globally and give students an all-in-one media exposure at our filmmaking workshops.


At InnerHub Productions, we believe there are two parts to Show Business. There’s show... And there’s business. We teach you both.


The show aspect teaches you how to use the tools and create a visual narrative.


The business aspect teaches you how to manage clients and work in the industry.


Now Accepting Spring 2018 Film Academy Applications

The theme for our Spring 2018 workshops is, “An Introduction to Cinematography & Storytelling.”


Jump-start your cinematography career with our 3-day all-in-one exposure to media.

Topics Include:

• Why are you here?  • How to tell a story  • How to Conduct Interviews  • Equipment’s 101  • Productions on a Low Budget  • Composition  • Lighting  • Camera Movements  • Flying a Drone (Introduction)  • Q&A... and more


2018 Film Academy Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are the workshops affordable?


We try to make our workshops as affordable as possible. Currently, we are a self-funded organization. In 2018, our goal to get sponsors so we can educate more individuals. Scholarships are available. 80% of our students receive scholarships.


Do I need my own equipment?


The best part of the InnerHub Film Academy? Hands-on learning. The even better part of the Inner Hub Film Academy? (Yes, it gets better!) You don’t need to bring any equipment, it is all provided.


How do I sign up for InnerHub Film Academy?


You can inquire about Inner Hub Film Academy by using our contact form.



I don’t have any film experience… I’ve never even held a camera. Can I sign up for Inner Hub Film Academy.


The great thing of InnerHub Film Academy is the mix of experience levels in students. This creates an environment where, no matter what your skill level, students encourage one another. Whether you’re a seasoned cinematographer or using a camera for the first time, you can learn from fellow students.


We especially encourage individuals with no prior experience. As filmmakers, we understand how daunting filmmaking can be:


Expensive equipment. Lack of knowledge. Afraid to take the first step. What if I don’t like it?


We’ve heard (and felt) these concerns for as long as we’ve been in the industry. Our mission is to encourage you to take the first step and give you the tools and training to make your dreams a reality.